Dr. Tom Hicks

Trinity University Computer Science Department

Research Interests:

Software Engineering, Database Design, User Friendly Systems, Networking, Advanced Web Site Design, Cloud Computing, and Server Administration

Trinity University                         Computer Science

Cloud Computing

Distributing computing resources to the cloud is an integral part of computing today. In our cloud computing courses, students learn to create, configure, and manage cloud systems in both wiendows and linux.

Database Systems

Expertise in Database Systems is now expected for most computer science positions. In addition to understanding SQL and database design, it is critical that students know how to configure Database Servers, create web apps using ASP.NET, PHP, DOT.NET, etc. and manage multi-user applications.

Software Engineering

Designing and implementing great software is the backbone of computer science. We will continue to stress successful strategies which, when implemented, will help our graduates to build "the right system right".


Students in my Networking class have the opportunity to make cables, set up punchdown blocks, configure simple rounters, configure and install cisco switches and routers, and develop internet games.